Stop the hemorrhage now!

Can you afford losing 50% of your visitors before they get to read your tagline?
Alessandro Menduni

Let me read your mind..

You designed your site as if it were your home. You studied every detailed with the help of a professional. You though of everything, you decorated every room to look like a jewel, so to astound whomever were to walk in.

Then you opened it up to the public. Crickets.

When was the last time you fell in love with a clunky or laggy site?

That's right, your users won't neither.

Do you have a brand problem?

Most people coming to your site, leave without purchasing or reaching out. All the money you spend for your ads seems to be thrown away. You start to wonder whether you are having problems with your tagline, or your brand.

You forgot to leave the door open.

It's not as you think. Truth is, you built a golden house, but you forgot to leave the door open. That's right. Often times, it's the smallest mistake that jeopardizes a great job, and we don't even realize it!

Have you tried accessing to your site from mobile?

Your visitors ARE interested in your product or service. Your ads ARE WORKING. Your problem is that since October 2016 most of the Web traffic comes from mobile devices. And from mobile, accessing to your website is almost impossible. It's like facing a closed door.

Did you know that the average visitor leaves a site if it doesn't load in 3 seconds or less?

How do you hope to conquer the hearts and minds of your clients if they can't even get to read your tagline or see your pictures?

Speed matters

Don't worry, though. The solution exists, and it's called "performance optimization". Developing for mobile devices isn't just a matter of design, but a matter of speed.

A new opportunity for your business

I want you to see this as an opportunity: starting today you can begin looking at your online business from a different perspective, you can finally unlock your business true potential.

I'm sold Alessandro, what now? What can I do?

It's simple, you can either redirect your team of developers to my free material, or you can reach out to me for a paid consultancy.

Stop the hemorrhage now