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Half of your visitors leave your site if it doesn't load in 3 seconds. Are you ready to stop the hemorrhage?

A consultancy worth 900€, at just 499€

  1. Get a detailed audit of your site's speed to know exactly your situation
  2. Get best practices and guidance for the whole team, so that you know how you can go an and make your site faster and offer a stellar user experience
  3. Boost your online presence and attract more clients, better clients and evangelists
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How it works

You give me access to the code and I dedicate 2 full days to your project

I provide you with a report and all the accompanying material

We set up a 90 minutes Skype call during which I'll be at your disposal

Let's define the objectives together

Audits are tailored to your specific project: I will ask you some questions before we start and we'll identify together what should I focus more on. In this field there exist off-the-sheld solutions that can be applied to particular scenarios, before we adopt one, though, it is important for me to make sure it provides value to your product.

What to expect from the audit

  • List of quick wins: simple tweaks that can yield direct results
  • Identification of possible bottlenecks
  • Identification and enhancement of all the good work already done, so that it doesn't go wasted
  • Performance improvement, both loadtime and runtime
  • Description of new strategies and technologies that may help further
  • Best practices for the whole team to keep in mind (designers, developers, etc)
  • Recommendations of tools and automating systems to monitor the performance of the product
  • All the companion material that is generated during the audit (reports, screencasts, code samples, etc..)

The final goal here is to leave you well poised to implement all the necessary improvements in order to ship a faster website and provide a better user experience.

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