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#ASKTHEINDUSTRY 05: Twitter just recently launched a PWA. Why would you think they jumped on the train so quickly?

Because it just makes sense.

For almost any business, shifting from a “regular” app to a Progressive Web App is just an obvious decision.

Why? Here are my top 5 reasons:

  • Users don’t always want to install your native app. Quite the opposite, making users install a native app is becoming harder and harder. Meanwhile, the Web APIs are becoming more powerful every day, catching up on what used to be native-only features. Don’t trust me on this, see for yourself.
  • The Web is the number one distribution channel of the world. It just makes sense to distribute your product there.
  • Security is default. This not only is paramount for most businesses, but also people are going to be more and more sensitized to the topic, due to Google Chrome’s decision to warn users when they navigate on regular HTTP sites. Also, the Web’s security model is much less permissive and (almost) never defaults to a grant.
  • Notifications are one of the best ways to re-engage users, allowing for better services (e.g. notify users that their train is leaving), while keeping your brand top of mind. If you’re Twitter, you definitely want to open up to the possibility to send notifications from time to time.
  • Offline-capable apps are just that much better. Think unstable connectivity situations, like when you are on the underground or surfing on a very busy public Wi-Fi. Think costs, like when you are in a hotel that’s charging you per MB of traffic. Think broader, like being capable of reaching the next billion (with a B) users that are coming online for the first time as we speak, in places like India and Africa, where 2G is the norm.

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