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#ASKTHEINDUSTRY 20: Why should I build a PWA for my business?

Honestly, because of Alibaba.

Alibaba is a Chinese e-commerce company, and it is the world’s largest retailer, generating more revenues than Amazon and eBay combined.

They faced the greatest challenge of the modern times: to build an engaging experience for the mobile web, being it the main platform they got discovered on. In the past, they used to redirect visitors to their native app. However, users considered having to download an app to browse or complete a transaction an unnecessary barrier. (Zou Yu, director of’s mobile team.)

So what did they do? But of course, built a PWA that led to a fast, effective, and reliable mobile web experience.

The results speak for themselves (according to Google Developers Blog) :

  • The web started converting 76% more people
  • Users returned to the app 4 times more, after adding it to the homescreen
  • Generally, monthly active users increased by 14% on iOS and by 30% on Android

Why? Because a PWA delivers a native-like experience without the entry barrier. It takes a model that has been proven to be working and takes it to the next level.

So there is no doubt. You should build a PWA for your business, and I should probably stop loving the web so much.

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