Are you too slow for the modern Web?
Ask yourself:

Have your ever tried to browse your site on mobile?

I’ve got news for you:
Your clients probably aren’t the problem. Your ads are doing just fine. Your website's copy isn't the problem neither. Your problem is that since October 2016 most of the Web traffic comes from mobile devices. And from mobile, accessing to your website is almost impossible. It's like facing a closed door.
When was the last time you fell in love with a clunky or laggy site? That's right, your users won't neither.

Did you know that the average visitor leaves a site if it doesn't load in 3 seconds or less?

How do you hope to conquer the hearts and minds of your clients if they can't even get to read your tagline or see your pictures?
Chances are, you are too slow for the modern Web. It's ok though, the solution exists, and it's called "performance optimization". Developing for mobile devices isn't just a matter of design, but a matter of speed.
I want you to see this as an opportunity: starting today you can begin looking at your online business from a different perspective, you can finally unlock your business true potential.
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